Welcome to the War on Sleep blog!  I want to take a just a moment to thank you for coming here and to give you my sincere assurance that, if you have come looking for information that will help you to get better sleep, you will find it here.

I never set out years ago with any intent of writing a book, doing a podcast, blogging or speaking on sleep.  Ten years ago, I made the startling discovery that I had a serious problem with my sleep and set out to figure out how to solve it because I needed to desperately.   It took a huge amount of research, experimentation, documentation, and fine tuning to get to where I am today, which is getting dramatically, measurably better sleep every night than I ever was on my best night ten years ago.  During my 10 year journey, I discovered that I am far from alone.  Not only are there staggering numbers of other people suffering from poor sleep, many of them, like me, aren’t even aware of it and some are even in denial about it.

The interest in what I have to say whenever I talk to people about sleep and what I have learned lead me to feel that I needed to share what I now know.   Every time I share the knowledge I have gained and later hear from someone how their life has improved from it, I feel great.  I also believe that, by sharing information, the war may someday be won and we will all get back to taking better care of ourselves before it’s too late.

So welcome, and let's get started.

Mike Voss






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